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Jak asi všichni víme, díky časopisu Entertainment Weekly se objevily stills ke Catching fire. nyní tu máme i rozhovory s herci. Bohužel nemám čas ani náladu (hlavně tu náladu) to překládat, zkoušela jsem to a vůbec mě to nebavilo, takže to sem dám anglicky a kdybyste to někdo přeložil a byl ochotný mi to půjčit s uvedením zdroje, budu ráda. Jinak možná kus přeložím zítra.

On transforming into Finnick: "It's depressing," he sighs. "I just want a burger and beer." He dyed his hair blonde and endured the indignities of spray tanning. "Look at the tanlines on my fingers!" he says as he shows off his peeling brown knuckles. "I'm very English. I'm white. I mean I'm so pale. With spray tans they start peeling and start getting really dirty looking. It's kind of lucky for the arena because I'm dirty a lot of the time but it's not great with my shirt off at the moment."

více v cč

On the sugar cube scene: All this physical prepping so that he wouldn't let Finnick's fans down during the infamous sugar cube scene when the character teases Katniss while wearing a strategically placed bit of net. Just how much net he'll have on remains to be seen. "They did have to tone it down from what it is in the book because they can't make it too graphic if you know what I'm saying," he pauses with a sheepish smile. "Because it was just a knot covering his, basically, you know what I'm saying! I was definitely prepared to do anything. But the costumer said 'Well we can't have you in nothing' so I'm kind of covered up."

On what he took home from the Catching Fire set: Before the shoot wrapped on December 22, Claflin already knew what he wanted to bring home with him: The arena wet suit for his mother ("I kept my armor from my first role playing a knight and my mum bought a mannequin for it, so part of me wants to get the wet suit so she can have mannequins all over the house…") and Finnick's trident for above his own mantle. "Though I don't know what my fiancée will think about the décor in our house."

Jennifer Lawrence on her first conversation with Francis Lawrence: "He's really smart, and he has a very gentle way about him. He's really passionate about the book. It didn't seem like he was just excited to make a huge movie."

Jennifer on playing Katniss: Gary Ross told her Katniss is a hunter. "I didn't feel like an action star, I didn't feel like a superhero. I felt like a hunter. That helped keep it grounded in this reality of, she's good at this not because shes a trained killer but because she a 16-year-old girl who happens to be great with her senses."

Jennifer on her favorite day of Catching Fire filming: "We were shooting on this beautiful beach, and there were sea turtles everywhere. In between takes Josh and Sam and I were running and jumping in the water. I was like, "I'm getting paid to do this?! This is awesome."

Sam Claflin on his Finnick audition: "Finnick is this tanned, green-eyed sex god. I'm thinking, 'I'm brunet, I have loads of stubble', and at the time I was by no means in shape. This guy walked in just after my audition who looked like Brad Pitt in Thelma & Louise. I thought, 'Yeah, I'm not going to get this.'"

Nina Jacobson on casting Sam Claflin: "Sometimes you get someone with the swagger but not the soulfulness, or the other way around. Sam had both. He is such a sweet, sweet fellow."

Francis Lawrence on creating a new vision: "I thought there were a lot of opportunities for the costumes, especially in the Capitol, to go crazy, to have fun, but in a very sophisticated way." Enter The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo costume designer Trish Summerville. Lawrence also wanted to tinker with the cinematography ("It doesn't always have to be desaturated and grey") and brought in a new visual-effects supervisor, Janek Sirrs (The Avengers).

Nina Jacobson on getting Philip Seymour Hoffman on board: "We went and saw him on Broadway, where he was doing Death of a Salesman. It took a lot of patience to get him to focus and read the book, because we didn't have a script yet. But we really wanted him because we wanted everybody to know that yes, it's a new director, but our standards are just as high and we're still aiming for Oscar-caliber actors."

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